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Open your heart.

Open your home.

In South Africa, there is a great need for parents and families who can rise to the challenge and provide care for our nation’s vulnerable children.

You could become a safety parent, foster parent or even choose to lend a helping hand to our families.

Kin Families: Family is the key to healthy children

Families are the best answer to a child in need. And a home environment is the best basis for healing and a healthy future.
This is where our incredible Kin Families play such an important role, opening their homes and hearts to children in need. 

Parenting has never been an easy job, but it is certainly one of the most meaningful. And foster parenting has its own particular challenges, but also its own particular rewards. Because the situation is trauma sensitive, we do our utmost to equip and prepare our prospective parents – helping them navigate the admin, the system and the emotional highs and lows. This preparation and support equips parents to provide long-term care and much needed stability for vulnerable children.



We are well connected within the sector of social development – with both state and non-governmental organisations – and able to connect foster care families with the relevant service providers, check-in points and helpful partners.


We are well connected within the sector of social development – with both state and non-governmental organisations – and able to connect foster care families with the relevant service providers, check-in points and helpful partners.


After assisting prospective parents in completing the due diligence and meeting the statutory requirements,
we help connect them to children in need.

Kin Community.
Community is the key to healthy families.

Kin Families are part of an even larger family – a beautiful, diverse community of homes, households, churches, experts, organisations and supporters. Because we really do believe in the power of family – not only to nurture and restore children, but also to support and strengthen parents and caregivers, and protect and prepare children in the existing family unit. Because this is family in its most beautiful, expansive and redemptive sense – where raising a child is truly a community effort. And ultimately, this picture of family is what the Church can offer the world, 

We’re committed to supporting our families at every step of the journey, through every possible way. Our holistic approach includes training and advice, and providing a network of care experts and a caring community of other Kin Families, volunteers and spiritual supporters. 


We provide regular training sessions covering a broad variety of topics in the fostering or alternative care arena. We’re also just a phone call away when it comes to day-to-day questions or advice.


Our Kin Families join a really special community when they decide to foster – a support network of other foster families with which to share this unique journey, the wisdom of experience and the bond of similar circumstances. We host regular get-togethers to facilitate and encourage community.


Our grocery partners Woolworths and Checkers have enabled us to set up a food donation system on a roster basis. We also have a clothing and toy bank and do our utmost to meet more specific requests – for things like cots and prams – via donations.


We have a host of prayer partners eager to intercede for each family – for needs both spiritual and physical.


The Kin Community spans even wider than our foster families and formal team. We’re privileged to have volunteers who are unable to foster, but keen to help.


We partner with an incredible team of knowledgeable experts, and each plays a crucial role in the holistic care of a vulnerable child: 



Social workers offer statutory and emotional support.  
Doctors and dentists
conduct initial health assessments on the kids.  
Psychology professionals
offer mental health assessments, guidance regarding attachment issues and healthy bonding.
offer information on the rights of a foster parent.

We are continually growing this support base and hope to provide ongoing medical and therapeutic services in the future.

We’ve walked a road with amazing individuals, families and organisations in the foster or alternative care sector, and have witnessed first-hand the challenges and the miracles, the frustrations and the growth. 

We’ve seen the need, and we’ve seen how family meets this need, and how community heals and strengthens because of it. These urgent needs and beautiful stories should be spread far and wide – something we endeavour to accomplish through advocacy initiatives. World Foster Day and our annual Fostering Conference are two such initiatives – both launched in 2018 to raise awareness and mobilise communities around this important issue, as well as establish Kin Culture as the go-to experts in this area.


We launched World Foster Day as the first initiative of its kind to educate, raise awareness and mobilise people – individuals, organisations, churches and government – around this important issue in our society.

We partner with and highlight the various organisations already doing great work in their communities, and encourage the public to get involved: by supporting a family, volunteering at an organisation, or simply learning more about this issue. It’s also a day of celebration – to applaud, encourage and spoil the foster parents and social workers in the Kin Community.

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Our annual Fostering Conference was launched to motivate and mobilise communities to get involved and equipped within the foster and alternative care environment.