The Kin Social Club
is not your average lunch
or dinner club.

It’s for those hosts and foodies who take entertaining to a whole new level. The social butterflies who love spoiling their guests with the finest cuisine and most refined style, who create memorable get-togethers and highlight events on the social calendar.

It’s about the pleasure of wining and dining, absolutely.

But it’s also about the power of community. It’s about sharing delicious eats a meal and great conversation, and it’s also about sharing the causes closest to our hearts. The things that matter. Because in coming together, we can achieve wonderful things.

Kin Culture has always been about getting together – about family in its most expansive sense. And the Kin Social Club is one of the practical (and most stylish) ways we celebrate getting together while raising funds and awareness for the important work of foster care.


The price of an event ticket is just R350.

But the impact made by just one event of six guests is something significant. Just one event’s proceeds can provide a vulnerable child with nappies and formula for four months. The real impact, though, is in the ripple effect created by one, single get-together. If just half of the guests are inspired to host their own events the following month it could provide five children with *Starter Packs.

And that’s just one scenario started by just one host.
* A Starter Pack includes the basic essentials of nappies, wipes, formula, summer and winter clothing, bottles, towels, washcloths, bibs, receiving and swaddle blankets, dummies, baby powder, bum cream, baby wash and a nappy bag.










1. First things first, say yes!

Let us know you’d like to host a Social Club event.
We will send a digital downloadable pack that includes – a beautifully designed invitation and thank you note for your guests.

Let us know if you would like to host a social club event by contacting us at [email protected]

2. Invite your guests

Invite them via email or WhatsApp with the provided invite. Simply add your specific event details: date, time, venue. 

3. Get ready for your delivery!

Keep an eye out for our courier, who will deliver your Kin Culture Hosting Pack to your door.

Each pack contains:

  • Beautifully designed takeaways to share with your guests
  • Three bespoke invites. These gorgeous invites actually form the main goal of your get-together: During (or before) your event, identify three guests you think would make ideal hosts. Then invite them to carry the campaign forward by hosting their own events in their own inimitable style.
4. Host your event
The format of your get-together is entirely up to you. Whether it’s a simple cheese and wine or a champagne pairing, a high tea or five-course tasting event, feel free to let your creativity flow.

Consider the food and drink expenses your contribution to the campaign.

5. Share your 'thank you'

Send your guests the downloaded thank you note and share your event on social media using #kinsocialcub.


The Social Club is so much more than a get- together. It’s not just about the joy of community; it’s about the power of community.

Take a look at the impact to date: