This is Home

Home is a place where we are loved, where we feel safe, be ourselves, grow, eat, drink, play. Families and especially children take ‘home’ with them. How they feel, what they’ve experienced and whether they’ve been loved.

Kin Culture @ V&A Waterfront

Now, anyone who has followed KIN Culture for any amount of time might know that one of our aims are to merge local business with charity. Designing with humanity is part of our DNA.

Cribs and Kings

This Saturday night, the 12th of September, if you follow the stars that rest above Paarl in the fresh bleed of spring, they will lead you to the humble and cozy Ou Meul Theatre.


As 2015 marches on, KIN Culture continues to explore and find new opportunities. We’ve had an exciting few weeks, starting with the launch of our online store.

Online Shop Launch

Beauty and creativity is part of the KIN Culture DNA. We have always wanted to manufacture something that has a greater purpose.