Welcome 2015!

Welcome 2015!


Welcome 2015!

A new year is synonymous with new resolutions and fresh starts. At KIN Culture we were happy to enjoy some time off, but 2015 didn’t wait for anyone and it wasn’t long before we found ourselves digging into new opportunities.

We kicked off the year with our very first family feast. It was almost like a glimpse of the future. Families gathering for friendship and food. A fun time was had by all and we can’t wait for our next family feast in May.

As you might have noticed on our social media feeds, we had the privilege of being represented at the “X-Terra Multisport” event in Grabouw during the month of February. We are thankful for a the gentlemen who took the initiative to support us in this way. We look forward to many more of these initiatives to shine a light on the plight of orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa. As we move forward with this project we are excited by the prospect of bringing various ambassadors and representatives on board. Watch this space for a few exciting announcements in the very near future.

One of the pillars of this vision is to create a model which will be able to sustain itself. We are kicking off with an ‘off-site’ blueberry project as well as cattle farming. Creating long term provision for the children of our nation is something which is close to all of our hearts.

As you might have noticed we are a passionate bunch of people. We are not only passionate about creating a future for orphans, we are also really passionate about expressing the heart of God on this earth. God is a creator. We are honoured to collaborate with wonderful designers and manufacturers from various communities. In the coming weeks we will be launching an online store, selling quality handmade lifestyle products.

Excited? Curious?

Don’t worry, it will be all over the internet as soon as it is launched.


As you might have noticed we are a passionate bunch of people. We are not only passionate about creating a future for orphans, we are also really passionate about expressing the heart of God on this earth.

We would appreciate your prayers for our team’s protection and for the provision of a suitable piece of land. We still meet for prayer the last thursday of each month. Very soon we will be praying in various locations all over the Cape Peninsula.

Feel free to contact us on info@kinculture.org or via social media.

Profit for Provision

Profit for Provision


Profit for Provision

Eighty percent of the world’s resources belong to twenty percent of the world’s people. Children still die of hunger. Families struggle to find shelter. Poverty is a way of life for many people. In other places excess food is thrown away. Piles of warm blankets lie in the cupboard of half empty upper class homes. A world where children are fed and families can sleep in a warm home is not a far off reality.
South Africa has adopted a model of economic empowerment to eradicate levels of injustice. This model, widely known as BEE, only benefits the elite and gives very little hope to the poor. Politicians have used this for personal gain. This injustice has left large portions of our population in the same poverty as before. However, this has left the door open for divine provision.
We can build a business model that will provide for and sustain the first village and every village to be built. KIN Culture Business will have an agricultural focus where produce will not only feed the village but it will operate as a commercial farm. Secondly, we will have location specific businesses such as a restaurant, deli, conference centre and a guesthouse that will belong to the village and be used to highlight the plight of our children. KIN Culture Business will also invest and create partnerships with established businesses. The profits of KIN Culture Business will now become the provision for every orphan and vulnerable child. One of our dreams would be to see these children go on and work for one of these businesses one day and impact the world.This is God’s kingdom at work. Profits won’t be used to fill greedy pockets, but to give children a bright future. The CEO and the cleaner won’t be working to only provide for themselves, but they will be working to create a better future for these children and for South Africa. Our profit is their provision.

* Photo kindly supplied by LIV Village