As a community we value cultural diversity and ultimately growing together. While we all might see and do things differently, we would like to share those experiences and encourage others to do the same.

Fostering Conference

KIN Culture and Kibwe Kids presents a Fostering Conference that will be hosted on the 10th of March 2018 at Doxa Deo Langeberg Church in Durbanville, Western Cape.

Kin Update

2014 has seen KIN Culture take shape. During the first half of the year we have taken KIN Culture to many boardrooms, offices and coffee shops.

Dunaiski Family

Another great story from one of our friends, Elke Dunaiski. Not only will her thoughts keep your eyes glued to the screen, her Bright Owl has a really neat range of hand-illustrated goodies.

This is Home

Home is a place where we are loved, where we feel safe, be ourselves, grow, eat, drink, play. Families and especially children take ‘home’ with them. How they feel, what they’ve experienced and whether they’ve been loved.

Le Roux Family – A Dad’s View

Hearing about other’s experiences entertains, inspires and possibly leaves us with some food for thought at the end. Willem gives us a “dad’s view” account of the Le Roux family’s adoption journey.

Le Roux Family – A Mom’s View

KIN STORIES Le Roux Family KIN Culture values family. We are privileged to be connected to many volunteers, families and churches. We believe that family is the fabric of a healthy community, by which we are woven together. For this very reason adoption is at the top...

Coetsee Family

KIN Culture is built around family. We are privileged to share the story of our friends, Markus Celeste and Levi.