How To Become A Safety/ Foster Parent

Safety & Foster Care Process

Kin Culture is a community built around caring for orphaned and vulnerable children. For many people making a difference or contributing to the cause of children in South Africa might seem like a far off dream. Kin Culture is creating opportunities for people to get involved in child care. One of the ways in which you can get involved is by signing up to become a prospective safety- or foster parent.

 Process for Prospective Safety or Foster Parent(s):

1. Apply for police clearance

a. You need R114 cash, ID, proof of address

b. Complete paperwork at SAPS office

c. Mail/Courier paperwork to Pta and back

2. Obtain a form 30 from your Designated Child Protection Organisation,

a. Send completed form 30 with certified copy of ID to National Child Protection Register in Pretoria

3. Decide whether you want to do safety or foster care.

4. Contact your Designated Child Protection Organisation for screening, home visit and report.

5. Once screened and cleared by your Designated Child Protection Organisation children can by placed in your care through the Children’s court.

Taking part in the future of children in South Africa can become a reality.

For more information or to get involved, contact our social worker at