This is Home
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Ever heard this saying? Whatever the case might be, this is not true for family. Home is a place where we are loved, where we feel safe, be ourselves, grow, eat, drink, play. Families and especially children take ‘home’ with them. How they feel, what they’ve experienced and whether they’ve been loved.

The opposite of this ideal also exists. Many children in South Africa aren’t being loved. Safety is not the norm. Food and drink are not a daily occurrence. Among the worst cases are children sleeping on the street, having to scratch around for a few crumbs to eat or run from danger.

In South Africa every child has the right to a home. One where they are safe and are cared for. This idea has been written into our constitution. At KIN Culture we believe in home and family as some of the most important factors in a child’s life. If we can place children in a home with a family who loves them, where they are fed and nurtured then we have taken a big step towards giving them a great future. In addition to this they will have the opportunity to learn and grow – something which is made possible when they have love and safety at home.

KIN Culture Shop also stocks a wide range of quality, locally made goods. The aim is to provide people with skills and opportunities to craft these beautiful ceramics, linen and canvas products. When you buy one of these products you are contributing towards building a home for vulnerable children in the Western Cape.