Inspired by Luvo Manyonga

The Olympics are here! Rio 2016 has delivered a buffet of memorable performances and inspirational stories to match. One particular athlete’s journey has caught our attention, that of Luvo Manyonga.

He is a South African long jump athlete who just added an Olympic silver medal to his list of achievements. In his own words, this is a dream come true. He said “I rose from my demons, they have been trying to pull me down but now I made it, I can’t even describe it.”

Until about four years ago, Luvo Manyonga, was heading downhill. In his estimation he may have been about 5 or 10 percent away from death. He suffered from a tik (crystal meth) addiction, which he refers to as the devil.

His story starts in Mbekweni, just outside Paarl. A community rife with gangs and violence, using drugs is a common activity among the youth in the area. This lifestyle has the ability to pull you in, deplete you of everything you are and have before eventually leaving you for dead. Luvo Manyonga was leading a life far too common in South African townships.

This young man has etched his name into Olympic history – Luvo Manyonga – Long Jump Silver Medalist.

These are the kind of stories behind the vision of KIN Culture. In an area with such opulence, it seems unthinkable to find communities where children are left to their own devices. We are building a community where vulnerable children will be loved and nurtured to their full potential. We are inspired by sport as a vehicle to transform lives. Who knows, maybe one day Luvo will share his story on the village or even better….a few “Luvos” will come from KIN Culture.


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