The Next Big Thing

As a nation, South Africans are no strangers to “lending a helping hand” or even just cracking a joke with the cashier. After all, ‘Mandela Day’ has its roots in our soil.

We just spent the last month hearing, doing and possibly wondering about our 67 minutes. Its been on the radio, in the papers and obviously all over social media. If you work in a medium to large sized company you would have embraced this day and been out on the street or at the tiny creche down the road doing your part, printed t-shirt and all. Or maybe you were part of a church group delivering tinned food to the local shelter.

Doing good has certainly become part of who we are as South Africans. The kind-hearted nature of Madiba has made its way into our being, even if only for that one day in the year. 18 July.
As one would expect of a consumerist, social media inspired culture, we often look for the next best thing.

Being known for giving tinned food to the needy, caring for children or just helping the elderly is probably the best thing you can do with your day; any day. Could the ‘Next Best Thing’ be loving your neighbour as yourself?