Cape Town contributes to Mandela Day

Activists often appeal for the contributions of many individuals to make the world a better place. “If everyone gave R 100” or “80% of this and 20% of that” would make the world a better place.

Over the last few weeks KIN Culture ran a My School/My Village ‘sign-up drive’. In the weeks leading up to Mandela Day 2016, we had volunteers at various Woolworths stores around the Cape Peninsula. Our initial goal was to double our sixty-odd contributors. To our surprise we reached this goal after the first few days. As we visited numerous neighbourhoods around the city we were encouraged by the public’s willingness to get involved with KIN Culture in this way; of course, to our amusement there were a few strangers who were “too busy” to even look our way. In the end we signed up well over 800 new contributors to the KIN Culture cause. In short, we now have more than 800 people contributing financially to assist vulnerable children around Cape Town.

Thank you to all who were involved and also to those who signed-up, if you don’t have a card yet email our office –