Kin Culture Welcomes the First Children

June is an important month in South Africa. We just celebrated Youth Day on the 16th and also kicked off the month with ‘Child Protection Week’. At KIN Culture we also welcomed the first children into our new foster home. It seems to be a fitting way to end of the month of June.

The KIN Culture journey started about 3 years ago. Along the way we have been inspired, excited, in awe and amazed. As expected, the road has not been without its trials, valleys and disappointments, but welcoming the first child into KIN Culture is a moment we won’t forget.

It has been quite a processed to complete registration and to make sure we comply with regulation. The Child Protection Act has kept us on our toes and we are thankful for all your prayers, donations and for everyone who has walked with KIN Culture over the past few months and years. We have realised that every milestone and every moment of awe is a glimpse of God’s grace.

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