Kingdom Traverse represents Kin Culture

Justice and community transformation is something everyone can contribute to.

KIN Culture is big on community; not only the ‘people who stay in the same place’ kind, but a heart connection. We are passionate about connecting people doing their thing with a greater purpose, in our case creating a better future for vulnerable children in South Africa.

In December 2015 a group of friends from Cape Town embarked on an adventure to traverse the kingdom of Lesotho in 7 days; hence the name Kingdom Traverse. In South Africa we have the privilege of parking off at the beach from mid December; not these guys. 16 December saw a group friends head for the mountains of Lesotho to start off with a 35km mountain run, followed by a 1km swim in the Khatse dam and a 45km mountain bike ride. A walk in the park for these mighty warriors on a mission. The rest of the week saw them take on a 32km kayak, some more MTB trails and running, culminating in a last day of run, bike, run to finish off the remaining 50km.

Grobler Basson, organiser of Kingdom Traverse, beams with passion when he starts talking about the outdoors. He approached KIN Culture as a means of getting involved in the lives of children in South Africa; and what an inspiring way to contribute. Team Kingdom Traverse showed their true colours by donating goods to an orphanage in Semonkong. We are inspired by your love for others and living as disciples of Jesus.

KIN Culture would like to thank team Kingdom Traverse for their contribution and hope to see you on the village soon.