KIN Culture is now a My School Beneficiary

KIN Culture is passionate about community and sustainability. We believe that creating futures for ‘children at risk’ in South Africa might be a daunting task at first, but when we all come together and throw our proverbial ‘penny in the pot’ then we might just see a South Africa where children who were once ‘thrown away’, could become contributing citizens.

We are very excited to partner with the My School programme. This means that when you purchase from Woolworths, Toys ‘r Us, Engen or any other participating stores, we will receive a percentage of your purchase.

Oh, so you already support little Suzie’s primary school which she attended in 1989 or you already support another charity? That’s great, we’re really happy that you have contributed to a better South Africa. You can link up to 3 beneficiaries to your card.

Now before this becomes a sales pitch, get down to Woolworths, grab some chocolate mousse, mini-pancakes and a coffee.