Cribs & Kings

This Saturday night, the 12th of September, if you follow the stars that rest above Paarl in the fresh bleed of spring, they will lead you to the humble and cozy Ou Meul Theatre. Inside you will find something like a heartbeat forming faintly, an echo of some of the things that Kin Culture values most: community, music, hope.The observant few who will find a seat at Cribs and Kings will contribute towards Kin Culture financially, but will also share in the heart of the organization, which regards music as an invaluable element in the growth of a healthy and fruitful community.
One of Kin Culture’s long-term goals is to create a space where musicians can develop and events can be hosted. Cribs and Kings is one way of moving towards achieving this goal. The theatre will stage two of the clearest voices in the Paarl valley: Philip Malan and Joelevite, performing with his band, The Lowland Caravan.Philip Malan’s music, void of words yet full of speech, resounds deeply with the soul and leaves nothing wanting. Awakening new thoughts and putting others to rest, his music incorporates different styles and keeps one captivated with an incredible display of instrumental skill. His songs, you will find, tell South African stories in a Latin accent. 

Joelevite will join the conversation, but prefers to do so with words – honest, raw words that fall like giant drops in thirsty sand. This deeply pensive musician turns the stage into a wilderness where he is a voice crying out, drawing the listener in to do the same. He will be joined by fellow ‘caravaners’, people known not only for their musical brilliance, but for having travelled with him in friendship.

Cribs and Kings is an opportunity to see two incredible local musicians sing and play soulful and relevant songs that deepen the ground of the Winelands community. But it is more than that. It is a foretaste of a true Kin Culture community, one where hope abides in the gathering of hopeful people, one where hope sounds like a song.

The event will take place at 19:00. Tickets, which are sold at R100, can be reserved by emailing