Kin Cattle: Profit for Provision

Sustainability is one of the core values of KIN Culture. Many great ideas have faded due to a lack of funding. ‘Profit for Provision’ suggests that profits could be used to build and sustain a community where orphans and vulnerable children are loved and nurtured.

Towards the end of 2014 we played with the idea of having our own cattle to farm with, as we intend to do when we move onto our land. In 2015 one of our team members were in conversation with De Villiers Graaf from De Grendel regarding temporary use of their land for grazing. This was not a request they could assist us with at the time, so they donated 18 cows and one bull to KIN Culture. Our cattle are currently grazing on the land of Christo Briers-Louw. We are really thankful to these two parties who have been generous with their time and resources.

Our bull is a registered Nguni bull and goes by the name of Colesberg. We not only received 18 cows, we received 18 pregnant cows; well almost. Most of them are pregnant with a Nguni/Boran cross-breed and the expected date of arrival is in January.


At the moment we are in consultation with the owner of the land where are cattle are staying in order to optimise KIN Cattle for profit for the village. We are currently looking for investors as we are planning to start our own sheep feedlot.

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