October Update


The introduction of World Adoption Day puts the plight of orphans and vulnerable children in the limelight. 9 November has been set aside to create awareness for these children. We could be living in a moment where a collective effort results in children having a loving home and a promising future. This is an ideal which KIN Culture strives to achieve.

We recently had our very first KIN Culture Info Session. This event was preceded by the folding of many paper houses, preparation of welcome packs and sourcing merchandise. The evening was a memorable one. We shared the KIN Culture vision and spoke about the road ahead. We were very fortunate to have our own architectural drawings on display and listen to the very first KIN Culture song.

Creating awareness is a vital part of our strategy. Our aim is to create awareness by designing and manufacturing world-class products.

To kick off our efforts we have 100% linen shirts, moisture management fitness wear and custom designed wristbands. These products will soon transform KIN Culture into a reputable brand known for it’s quality and excellence.

In addition to this we have started a bumper sticker campaign. These stickers are for sale and people are encouraged to stick them on their car and post a selfie to our various social media platforms.

Now, we have done more than just an Info Session. We recently received our registration as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), something we are really excited about. We are now preparing the paperwork to submit to SARS in order to complete the steps to be registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). This will enable us to issue Section 18 Tax Certificates to our donors.

Enough jargon to keep you busy for the next month. Join us in prayer for a suitable piece of land, necessary funding and future ambassadors.

For the rest, we are hard at work behind the scenes with our eyes firmly on the prize; a village that will house hundreds of children and together we will invest in the future of these children.