July Updates

Here we are, another month has passed and it is time for another KIN Culture update. In some ways it hardly feels like a month, but the past few weeks have been packed. We have heard many people’s stories and we have been able to share ours. We have literally seen God connect the dots. Somedays we just smile at His goodness, other days we commit ourselves to prayer and for the rest we share stories of what God has done.

We love our new website. We love how we have been able to connect with random people through our website. The stories that come in through our website are been mind blowing. Some of the stories go like this: God gave people dreams and visions about caring for orphans and a community-centred lifestyle, the same people saw our website, our branded cars or heard from friends, they contacted us, we met for coffee and now we’re family.

We are currently meeting with professionals from various industries to set-up teams of specialists to address the needs of the children on the village. We are planning to have information sessions in the near future, for people are interested in getting involved with KIN Culture. We do realise that while some might want to commit to KIN Culture on a full-time basis, others might only be interested in short-term volunteer work. We welcome any form of involvement.

We have identified a piece of land in the Drakenstein Muncipality of the Winelands District for the first KIN Culture village. We have prayerfully considered this land, handed in the required proposal and are very excited about the possibilities of acquiring this property. We now eagerly await a response from the authorities to see what the road ahead might look like. We are filled with faith and tenacity to see this dream become a reality.

On 18 July KIN Culture partnered with various organisations as we took hands with the rest of South Africa to make others’ lives better. We joined Motlekar Cape to deliver educational supplies to Abaphumeleli House of Safety in Khayelitsha. We also volunteered our time and donated goods at Rock a Bye Baby and Thembiso House in Cape Town.

We look forward to seeing you at our next evening of prayer on 21 August 2014, email us on for more information.