What does "KIN" mean?

Kin refers to one’s close family or relations. An important part of our vision centres around placing children in families and giving them a place to call home.

Who is part of the Kin Team?

The Kin team consists of a handful of full-time staff and numerous other volunteers, consisting of a social worker, the medical professionals, teachers, therapists, business professionals and house parents.


Where is Kin Culture located?

We are temporarily located on the Hoopenberg farm, about 10 minutes from Stellenbosch. Part of our long-term planning is to acquire a piece of land suitable to build a Kin Culture village. For the time being we are privileged to have our home and office setup at Hoopenberg Farm, Klapmuts, Cape Town.


What will the Kin Culture village look like?

The village will consist of a number of homes to house families who form part of the Kin community. In close proximity to the home we’ll have a school, playgrounds, medical and therapy facilities. There are many other aspects to the village so why not visit our ABOUT US page or email us on info@kinculture.org


Do I have to stay on the village to be part of Kin Culture?

The Kin Culture model makes provision for families who are interested in living in a village or community as well as those who are interested in fostering or providing a place of safety within their own homes. Kin Culture network families provide care in their own home.




How can I become a Foster Parent?

Becoming a foster parent means you become the long-term legal guardian of a child in need. While you might want to chat to our social worker about the idea of becoming a foster parent, you can also visit our CARE page if you’ve already made up your mind.

Can a child in foster care be adopted?

A child placed in foster care does not automatically mean they can be adopted. There are specific circumstances on the biological parents’ part which would make the child eligible for adoption. Please have a chat to our social worker (nandi@kinculture.org) should you wish to adopt rather than foster.



How can I get involved?

Kin Culture offers many ways for volunteers to get involved, while we have specific needs relating to therapy and education for our children we also require various professional skills to ensure that we move forward as an organisation. Please contact info@kinculture.org for an update on volunteer opportunities.

Are donations to Kin Culture tax deductible?

All donations made to Kin Culture are tax deductible and we are able to issue a Section 18A certificate in this regard. Make your donation today by visiting our DONATE page.

What can I donate?

There are many ways for you to give to Kin Culture. You can give anything from supplies for babies, kids’ clothes or even used furniture. If you are unsure it is best to contact us directly on info@kinculture.org or (+27) 83 270 7774.


For any other questions, please give us a call at (+27) 83 270 7774 or complete the CONTACT FORM.