As a community we value cultural diversity and ultimately growing together. While we all might see and do things differently, we would like to share those experiences and encourage others to do the same.

The Next Big Thing

As a nation, South Africans are no strangers to “lending a helping hand” or even just cracking a joke with the cashier.

Ambassador Feature: Arnu Fourie

KIN STORIES Ambassador Feature: Arnu Fourie In the words of Anne Frank: “No one has ever become poor from giving.” Arnu Fourie is paralympic athlete from Stellenbosch. He is passionate about sport and it’s power to make a difference in communities. As a professional...

Kin Culture @ V&A Waterfront

Now, anyone who has followed KIN Culture for any amount of time might know that one of our aims are to merge local business with charity. Designing with humanity is part of our DNA.

Kin Culture Home

KIN Culture is really happy to say that we are moving towards placing our first foster parents and children in their first home.